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The FREE AUSTRALIA PARTY supports prisoners by recognising that they continue to be part of Australia’s moral commonwealth and as such have certain inalienable rights.  

The FREE AUSTRALIA PARTY will work to ensure that prisoners are treated humanely by implementing policies which we believe will lead to greater success with long term rehabilitation and less recidivism.  These proposed polices are:
•    Along with increased support, Victim impact statements to have more impact in court, and more input.
•    The opportunity for victims to face and challenge the perpetrator of crime as a means of restorative justice.   
•    That the burden of proof for victims is lowered
•    Those convicted of non-violent, or accidentally violent, crimes are not incarcerated with those who have committed crimes of deliberate violence.   
•    Provision of a technical college for every jail that prisoners can access in order to learn trades they can give back to society and use to obtain jobs once their sentence is completed.
•    That those in prison retain the right to vote.
•    Opportunity to reduce their jail sentence by engaging in offence education and rehabilitation processes by attending their facilities technical college and using that acquired skill in government sponsored projects during their term of detainment.
•    Paedophiles to not be allowed to change their names, but instead to be named on a paedophile register.

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